Rug Cleaning In Las Vegas

Trust ZEROREZ® To Clean Your Area & Oriental Rugs

best carpet cleaner las vegas nv·Protect delicate fibers, as ZEROREZ® uses a completely green carpet cleaner that is a safe, non-toxic cleaning method.

·Restore color to your rugs.

·Protect your family and pets, your home and the environment through this green rug cleaning technology.

Zerorez Rug Washing Process


Our Rug Technician will carefully inspect your rug, looking for spots or stains and for any needed repairs before they begin cleaning your rug.

Dust Removal

The Zerorez rug washing plant is equipped with a rug duster that uses compressed air and gentle taps to remove dry soil, dust, sand and grit. This careful method of dust removal puts less strain on the fibers in the rug – it’s more gentle and more effective than shaking or beating the rug.


Your rug will be placed in the 1,200-gallon rug washing tank. The star paddle gently agitates the water to lift away the dirt without brushing or scrubbing the rug.


The rug is placed in a specially constructed centrifuge where it will be rinsed with cool water and then dried through the power of the 900 rpm centrifuge. The spin-dry process reduces problems like dye run and shrinkage. The rug emerges from the centrifuge just damp to the touch.


The rug will be groomed, detailed and sprayed with an environmentally friendly protective barrier. Then rug will be carefully hung to finish drying completely.


After the rug is thoroughly dry, our Rug Technician will inspect it again. Then the rug will be rolled and bound for delivery back to your home.