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A Clean Home is a
Healthy Home™

Zerorez has been lab-tested and proven to clean at the highest levels possible. No other cleaning method out cleans Zerorez.

Our Commitment to you: 
1. We wash our hands frequently.
2. We wear masks, gloves, and shoe covers in the home.
3. We regularly disinfect our cleaning equipment.
4. We exercise social distancing and adhere to CDC best practices regarding sick employees.
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We're Open!

Zerorez is classified as an essential business since we help fight against the spread of germs and viruses through our unique cleaning. We can sanitize and apply disinfectant to living surfaces as well.

As residents of the Las Vegas area, we are all experiencing unprecedented times. At Zerorez, we too are impacted, and can help with this challenge. Learn what the CDC recommends for cleaning your home and carpet.

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The Best Carpet Cleaners in Las Vegas NV

Zr Clean™️ & Patented Technology

Satisfaction Guaranteed We will clean a room for free and you decide.

We want to make sure your experience is as easy as possible. We will clean and test a small area of carpet for free and if you don't believe how well the process works, then you decide whether to continue with the rest of the service or not. No hassles and no worries.

No Soap Lingering to Attract Dirt.

Our Zr Clean™️ technology allows us to clean and refresh your surfaces without the use of detergents or harsh chemicals, which means your carpet stays cleaner longer, unlike other carpet cleaning companies in Las Vegas.

Your Surfaces Dry Twice as Fast with our patented truck mounted equipment.

Zr Clean™️ is applied to your carpet through our patented spray system that loosens embedded dirt to the base of the fibers using six high-efficiency jets. Our extraction wand outperforms the top selling wands on the market by removing embedded soils, and detergents left behind by other cleaners, and other debris while allowing for a faster drying surface.

Platinum Certified by the Carpet and Rug Institute

Not only is this the highest approval rating possible from the Carpet and Rug Institute, Zerorez® is rated the #1 cleaning system in the nation by an independent testing laboratory. When we clean, there is nothing left behind.

No harsh chemicals means Pure Safety for your family and pets.

Since Zr Clean™️ doesn't use any harsh chemical additives, your surfaces are perfectly safe for your family and pets, no matter how small.

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The Best Carpet Cleaner in Las Vegas

Finding a good carpet cleaner near you can be a difficult task if you are not exactly sure what to look for. Many carpet cleaners in North Las Vegas use standard carpet cleaning techniques that have been used for generations. These processes often use harsh soaps or chemicals that leave behind a residue that can be harmful to your carpets, your home, and cause your carpet to re-soil prematurely. Even carpet steam cleaners leave behind excess residue that over time attracts bacteria. You don't want that! Here at Zerorez Carpet Cleaning Las Vegas, we have a new solution to offer you - Zr Clean™️. Our Zr Clean™️ technology and process uses no substances that could be left behind and cause you problems in the future. With us, you will be worry-free! Our extraction wand removes embedded soils, debris, and detergents left behind by other cleaners while our patented process leaves you with cleaner floors, a faster drying surface, and a smile on your face. You will know that you have finally found the best carpet cleaner in Las Vegas.

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7025670016 Zerorez Las Vegas 7540 Dean Martin Drive Suite 503 | Las Vegas, NV 89139 Varied

Jason A.

"Technician Leslie S. Was top notch no bull straight to the point. She did a great job on some very dirty carpets, for the cost. It was well worth it. It feels and smells a whole lot cleaner than I thought it would be. Highly recommend there service and will be doing more business with Zerorez."

7025670016 Zerorez Las Vegas 7540 Dean Martin Drive Suite 503 | Las Vegas, NV 89139 Varied

Jasmine C.

"I will never use any other carpet company. Zerorez has the best products and the best results. Carlos was professional and extremely knowledgeable. I felt comfortable and Carlos answered all my questions. It's been two days since my carpets got cleaned and they look amazing. Thank you Carlos for making my home look amazing."

7025670016 Zerorez Las Vegas 7540 Dean Martin Drive Suite 503 | Las Vegas, NV 89139 Varied

Elisa L.

"Love this company! I appreciate that they don't use chemicals just alkaline water and orange and lemon for scent. We've used them for years and our aging carpet looks brand new every time. Today we had the pleasure of meeting Victor and Jake. They were professional and friendly! Highly recommend!"

Area Rug Cleaning Las Vegas

It is not uncommon for area rugs and other oriental rugs to be damaged when carpet cleaning companies clean them. This is because the traditional techniques used by these companies are improper. What Zerorez provides for you is a new safe and effective area rug cleaning service. No matter if your rug is an oriental rug, braided rug, or any other type of rug, we are trained to take care of it properly. Our patented techniques and processes are the best for your rug because we use Zr Clean™️. Zr Clean™️ is a formula that will not cause any damage to fibers, bleed colors, or leave behind any messy residue. Zerorez Rug Cleaning Las Vegas is safe, effective, non-toxic and eco-friendly. No need to take our word for it. We are proud to share that our cleaning process has received the highest rating from the CRI (the Carpet and Rug Institute). Zerorez has also been rated the #1 cleaning process in the nation by an independent testing laboratory. No matter the size, shape, or material, Zerorez Carpet Cleaning Las Vegas has the right area rug cleaning services for you.

Living room rug

Green Carpet Cleaning Las Vegas

We all know the purpose of cleaning carpet is getting the dirt and grime out of the carpet. If you wanted your carpets to attract dirt and grime, then you would have let your three-year-old spill his juice or eat his pudding on the carpet. You may not have realized this before, but the residue that is left behind from common cleaning products may be affecting your carpet more than you understand. Generally, soaps and detergents are made to attract dirt and grime to rid it from surfaces. With many carpet cleaners, the residue of soaps is left behind in the carpet even after a professional cleaning. This attracts dirt, grime, and bacteria, which over time create the very same problem you paid them to get rid of. That's why here at Zerorez Carpet Cleaning Las Vegas we use no soaps, no detergents, and no harsh chemicals. Instead, we use our Zr Clean™️ that cleans better than both! Zr Clean™️ is water that has been run through a process to become electrolyzed oxidized water. This process causes it to clean better than other commonly used cleaning solutions while leaving behind no residue. The water-based cleaner is also completely bio-degradable and safe for the environment. Zerorez confides in the use of environmentally-friendly cleaners and advanced technology to clean and freshen your carpet. We are the safest and the best carpet cleaning services for you, your home, and the environment. Next time you search "carpet cleaning near me" you will know that Zerorez green carpet cleaning is the way to go!