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The Zerorez® Difference

The Zerorez® Difference

Zr Clean™️

Do you need your carpet, area rugs, tile and grout, office furniture or other living surfaces professionally cleaned? We offer both one-time and regularly scheduled cleanings for commercial businesses in the Las Vegas area. There is no carpet cleaner that can match the effectiveness and efficiency of Zerorez's® patented Zr Clean™️ cleaning system.

Soft Surfaces

Typical soft surface "steam-cleaning" used on carpets and upholstery mixes hot water with soaps. The mixture is then sprayed on the carpet or upholstery under pressure. Most of the liquefied soap, dirt, and water is removed with a vacuum. However, a significant portion of the mixture remains behind. As the soft surface dries and the water evaporates, soap and chemicals dry into the fibers and literally acts as dirt magnets.

By contrast, the Zerorez® cleaning system does not use soaps, detergents or shampoos to clean, but instead uses our revolutionary Zr Clean™️.

Zr Clean™️ is applied to the carpet fibers via low-pressure spray, both loosening embedded dirt and cleaning the carpet by eliminating a wide range of harmful substances. The emulsified soil is then removed, leaving just the extraction water on the carpet surface which dries quickly and without any residue.

Hard Surfaces

Hard surfaces, especially in the kitchen and bathrooms, are a breeding ground for dangerous microorganisms that can cause odors, allergic reactions, and infectious diseases.

The Zerorez® multi surface cleaner is a professional-grade oxidative water solution that is positively non-toxic for people and pets.

Safe for any hard surface. No rinsing or scouring necessary. Cuts through grease and fat. Lab tested and proven. Non-Toxic, water based and chemical free - GREEN!

Our Promise to You

  • We promise to respect your time. You will receive a short time window upon scheduling your cleaning experience. We will arrive during that window and keep you informed if there are any delays.
  • We promise to hire professionals you can trust. Your cleaning expert is drug screened and background checked prior to arriving in your home. He also goes through hundreds of hours of continual education and training to know how to best treat your toughest cleaning challenges.
  • We promise to provide up front pricing. You will receive a firm price estimate on-site from your cleaning professional along with a demonstration of how your toughest area will clean up. You will know what results to expect and exactly what it will cost.
  • We promise to listen to you. Your cleaning experience is our top priority. We want to hear your concerns and your feedback throughout your experience. From your first contact with us, we are here to listen and help in any way possible.

What Makes Zerorez® Different?

You are busy. Maintenance on your home and floors costs much more than just calling a professional. You invest your time to meet your technician. You invest your energy to discuss your concerns and explain your expectations. You then invest your trust that everything will be cleaned right the first time so you can get back to living. We get that.

At Zerorez®, we are conscious of your worries in maintaining a clean and livable environment for your family, children, pets, and employees.

The key to our patented cleaning system is Zr Clean™️. This electrically treated water allows us to clean with zero residue. No more will you get stiff, crunchy, and sticky residue laden carpets. Instead, your floors will get revitalized to like new, condition - bright, fluffy, and soft. We also don't use masking fragrances to cover bad odors; rather, with the natural sanitizing power of our water you get a natural fresh scent with no odor at all. In short, it is the right way to clean.

It all started in the late 1990's. The Zerorez® founders managed over 3,000 apartment units that demanded constant maintenance and upkeep. The most expensive measurable cost, next to payroll for employees, was carpet maintenance and replacement.

They tried all of the name brands in carpet cleaning, only to discover that no reliable and effective cleaning process existed. In fact, what they found was that the cleaning industry had not evolved much from the cleaning methods developed in the early 1940's. In every case the process always left MORE residue, which only attracted MORE dirt, and MORE bacteria. These methods only accelerated the costs of maintenance and replacement.

Today, you have the power of Zerorez® and its patented cleaning system to avoid these problems.

By using Zerorez® to clean your carpet, you will:

  1. Have the most advanced technology, that has been proven to extract more soils and leave your carpet cleaner without the use of harsh chemicals.
  2. Get the knowledge of a highly trained, cleaning professional that can guide you through the best solution for your personal needs and budget.
  3. Minimize your frustrations and expense in maintaining your living environments with zero residue.

You want solutions to your problems, and you want those solutions to last. Zerorez® can help you to get what you want without the high costs of traditional, antiquated methods.

Our Raving Las Vegas Fans

Your premier Las Vegas green carpet cleaning team does things differently. Residential & Commercial Carpet Cleaning, Tile & Grout, Area & Oriental Rugs & Upholstery in Las Vegas & Henderson stay cleaner longer with Zr Clean™️ technology from Zerorez®. Spell it forwards or backwards - it spells the same.

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Michelle B.

"Michael was super friendly. Did an amazing job on our carpets and tile floors. I would recommend using Zerorez if you ever need your carpets or tiles cleaned! Thanks Michael!"

7025670016 Zerorez Las Vegas 3635 E Post Rd | Las Vegas, NV 89120 Varied

Jason A.

"Technician Leslie S. Was top notch no bull straight to the point. She did a great job on some very dirty carpets, for the cost. It was well worth it. It feels and smells a whole lot cleaner than I thought it would be. Highly recommend there service and will be doing more business with Zerorez."

7025670016 Zerorez Las Vegas 3635 E Post Rd | Las Vegas, NV 89120 Varied

Elisa L.

"Love this company! I appreciate that they don't use chemicals just alkaline water and orange and lemon for scent. We've used them for years and our aging carpet looks brand new every time. Today we had the pleasure of meeting Victor and Jake. They were professional and friendly! Highly recommend!"


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