School’s Out Summer Offer

$99 for three rooms of carpet cleaned and a FREE Stain Spotter ($15.99 value) just in time for the messiest days of the year!

Get those carpets clean this summer and keep them clean longer!

Book a cleaning between now and August 15th and our Cleanologist will give you a FREE Stain Spotter (value of $15.99) to help keep those carpets clean till long after the kids are back in school.

Us parents all want clean floors but we all know that stains and messes are coming. We got you covered. Our zero residue cleaning system will get your carpets clean now and because we do not use soap so your carpets will stay clean longer.  

But we know stains can and will happen. So we are giving you a FREE Stain Spotter to take care of stains fast.

To Book this deal:

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Zerorez is carpet cleaning done right!  We use no soaps, detergents, or harsh chemicals in the cleaning process.  We use “empowered water”!  It cuts through grease and grime, leaving soft and fluffy carpets.  The only thing left behind is your best clean ever!  To learn more check out this link =====> click me.